Our brand is all about your baby, their needs, and their comfort!

Studio Clay says YES to everything, from trends to sustainability. We want to be apart of a better world, and so do you and your baby!

Our clothes are 100% organic comfy and cool. For everyday baby needs, to going out or even at sleep... and don´t they look so cute when they sleep...

Your baby is ready to change the world in some way, and so are you! Be proud, be happy!

Why organic?

It´s pretty simple when it comes to baby´s clothes that organic fabrics are better.

First of all, the durability is way longer, and don´t forget that you are going to be washing your baby´s clothes loads of times.

Second, it decreases the probability of your baby develop skin rashes since their skin is way too sensitive and absorbs more chemicals!

Organic Fabrics are more environmentally friendly, so you are contributing to responsible production since there are no pesticides or chemicals involved! 

Happy baby means happy mother earth as well!

Trust the professionals, and trust us!


Message from the CEO

As a young entrepreneur, I created Studio Clay based on my love for babies and the world behind this! I always felt that something was missing, because my love for fashion, online businesses, and art couldn´t come together without a missing part! Finally, I discovered my passion, and I will do my best to transmit this feeling through my collections.

I want to feel that every customer has a great experience when shopping at Studio Clay! My goal is to create cool, comfy, timeless, and most importantly, practical clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers!

I know that mums and dads struggle when finding the right pieces for their babies, so I am here to help by offering you the perfect solution with the best quality. All our collections are curated in Portugal, and 100% organic! 

Xoxo, Ana